Łóżko skrojone na miarę

How to set up a bed?

Below read our instruction of five most important steps to create perfect bed for your or your customer.


In the first step you choose 1 from 17 models in three collection: Modern, Elegant or Frame. If you dream about bed with headboard that is perfect time to decide whether you choose classic headboard or 40 cm higher. There is an option in most of our models.


The second step is much more exciting when you can unleash your imagination and choose colour of your bed from wide range pallet of colours. Ask more shop assistant and choose the best for you.


The third step allows choosing shape of bed's block which copes to your needs and style. To be chosen are three types of bed frames: light, classic frame and continental. But this is not all. Each model can be equipped with a storage for bedding.


In penultimate step you can decide whether your bed needs solid, higher and thicker frame or you are followers of minimalism to expose bed’s feet. It is your choice, however do not forget the mattress – its size will have crucial signification while choosing bed’s frame.


The last step is choice of shape and type of legs (wooden, steel or slide) in many colours. If you prefer a high bed in a light frame, a perfect choice will be steel legs. Whereas, for continental beds with thick mattress, we recommend choosing slide legs.