About cookies

1. What are cookies?
A cookie file is text file stored by a website on a computer or other device connected to the Internet, allowing this website to recognize the visitor’s browser or to store information or settings in it. Cookies usually contain their original website name, their time of storage on a computer or other device and their unique number. Cookies allow to identify the user’s device, ensure efficient navigation between websites, remember the user’s preferences and improve the overall comfort of using the website. Some cookies are necessary to use the site in full scope. Cookies are also used to learn the user’s preferences by tracing their history of web browsing. Session cookies are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser, whereas persistent cookies remain on their computer even when it is closed (among other things, in order to save the user’s settings when they visit the website again).

2. Why we use cookies?
We use cookies on our website to help users navigate through websites, collect statistical information about the visitors and store data about their preferences regarding the site navigation. Also, we use cookies to improve the site support and to meet the users’ expectations. Another way of using cookie files is advertising ALPINA’s offer in the Internet based on the remarketing conducted by means of external companies tools (among others Google Adwords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdRoll, Seznam). ALPINA advertisements in the Internet are displayed by external suppliers. ALPINA and external suppliers (among others Google, DoubleClik, AdRoll, Seznam) use the cookies, based on which, advertisements are displayed following previous visits of the adverts recipient on the ALPINA website.

3. Additional information about the cookies used on the ALPINA’s websites
Cookies used on
a) Essential cookies – these cookies allow users to move around the website and use the full range of its features such as getting access to secure website areas. Without them, some parts of our website will not work, such as purchasing function. They do not collect information about the websites viewed on the Internet, or those that could be used for marketing purposes.
b) Cookies connected with efficiency – Using these cookies we collect information about how the visitors use our website, including data on the sites visited by these users and potential errors. Cookies in this category do not collect any information that could reveal the identity of the user: they are treated as anonymous data and used only for statistical purposes – to improve the operation of our website, to recognize the visitors’ interests and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
c) Cookies connected with functionality – these cookies improve the quality of browsing our website resources, providing an extension of functionality, for example by storing the user’s preferences (eg choice of country, language)
d) Third-party cookies – third-party cookies can be used on the website These will be cookies both from mechanisms that are installed on servers and created by third parties as well as files managed by the external third-party mechanisms. These files do not collect any information that could reveal the identity of users: they are treated as anonymous data and used only for statistical purposes – to improve the operation of our website, to learn about visitors’ interests recognition and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

4. Cookies management
At any time, the user can control the use of cookies by their browser, the browser’s Help function should provide information how to do it. Information on cookies management is available in any browser’s Help. In particular, the browser can be set to cut off the use of cookies, to block them or to send warning before a cookie is stored on the user’s computer.Please note that you need to change the settings separately in each browser and on each computer you use.Important: If the user turns off all cookies or blocks the function of cookies for this website, it may happen that, although you will still be able to use it, some features may not work properly or may not work at all. For example, if you block or, in other words, reject the option of accepting cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of these features on a website that require login.

General information about cookies and how to remove or reject cookies can also be found on the website
For the information about the use of cookies on mobile phones browsers and how to reject or delete them, please refer to the phone user’s manual.
Change of the cookies use policy This document may be updated from time to time due to changes in the ALPINA website or regulations related to cookies, so we encourage the users to check it on a regular basis in order to obtain current information about how ALPINA uses cookies.This document was last modified on 12/11/2014. The latest version of the policy is available on this website. Any questions and/or comments regarding the cookies use policy by ALPINA should be reported at: